Hello there,

It's an honor to have the opportunity to serve your unique needs in a therapeutic relationship. With 30 years of practice, I have gained tremendous insight into treating individuals with a multitude of issues.

Since you've already identified a need for help, you're on the path to eliminating your obstacles, while gaining happiness and fulfillment in your life.

When you develop the right attitude and realize that fear is your worst enemy, you will be able to overcome what life throws your way. Opening your heart, living compassionately, loving, forgiving, believing, accepting, trusting your higher self is just the beginning. 




I had never gone to counseling before and had spent some time contemplating it. After hearing about my friend's successful experience with Alice, I decided to give her a call and finally begin my sessions. 

As soon as I began talking to Alice, she was able to pinpoint some underlying issues I didn't even know I had. She's kind-hearted and I always get a good sense of feeling from her. Thanks to her help and guidance, I now feel I have a sense of direction and more control over my life. 

- AF, 25

As a military family, we were new to the area and had a hard time adjusting to all of the changes. Alice helped us develop a support system and as a result, we finally could fit in to our new environment with her help.

Our children really felt open and comfortable to discuss their unique obstacles with her. They enjoyed being able to express themselves and truly trusted Alice with their issues.

- LM, 40


After breaking up with my girlfriend, I was on the edge and didn't feel like I could go on without her. Working with Alice gave me a new sense of purpose and the ability to enjoy my life as an individual. She gave me the confidence to help my self-esteem grow. I was able to open up, as she is very easy to talk to and her empathy was apparent. I would highly recommend this therapist to anyone seeking change in their life.

- BR, 38

I've suffered from depression since I can remember. I take medication, but that alone doesn't always help. Finally, I decided to go to therapy and got immediate relief by learning techniques to control my emotions. In a short period of time, I was able to go back to my normal activities with ease. I'm thankful that I found such an easy person to work with and I encourage others to do the same. 

- GZ, 56